Traffic Congestion and Job Accessibility

KFAI Community Radio in Minneapolis

I was interviewed a few weeks ago by Dale Connelly for KFAI Community Radio. The edited interview (aired April 22, 2013) is below as an MP3 (5:51)

Every so often we get a discouraging report on traffic congestion in metropolitan areas.
The latest rating from Texas A & M’s Transportation Institute gave Washington DC the worst rating for congestion, followed by Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Boston. No big surprise there.
But one University of Minnesota professor says counting stationary cars is only part of the story. David Levinson is a professor of civil engineering and author of the Access Across America Study. He told KFAI’s Dale Connelly there’s more to consider when looking at the problem of traffic congestion.
David Levinson holds the Richard P. Braun/Center for Transportation Studies Chair in Transportation at the University of Minnesota. His study, Access Across America, says some of the cities regularly identified as most congested actually have transportation networks that provide good access to jobs. You can see the study online at