Department of Accessibility

Brendon Slotterback responds to Andrew Owen’s post yesterday at Street.MN at Net Density on a Department of Accessibility :

“What if instead of a Department of Transportation we had a Department of Accessibility and it’s mission was to improve accessibility while meeting environmental standards, building resilient systems, and being economically viable? I bet it would look at lot different than our current DOTs (hint: it would do a lot more with land use).”

I think this compares favorably against Richard Florida’s proposal for a Department of Cities.
The Department of Accessibility is conceived of as at the state (or metropolitan) level, where the decision making for transportation does (and should) occur and where decision making for land use might occur (now it is mostly local). In contrast, the Department of Cities is a federal initiative, without a clear reason as to why Cities (or any specific places) are a federal responsibility (since the benefits of improving any given city are almost all local).