Go-To Tap in

Hiawatha - 14
To legally ride the LRT in Minneapolis, you need to buy a ticket, or tap in with your Go-To card. I recently made a trip to DC via LRT (at Franklin Avenue) (and a bus, and an airport shuttle, and an airplane, and a Metrorail train, and of course, on foot), and was anticipating having to tap the Go-To card reader at the middle of the station where it had been since 2004. Lo and behold, when I arrived, the reader was at the station entrance, where it should be, and not in the middle where it had been, where I might spend an extra 15 seconds walking and miss the train. I don’t know when this change took place, but it is the kind of attention to operational detail and consideration of the customer’s time that is important. So thank you unnamed persons at MetroTransit who ordered the Go-To card reader moved, or added another one.