Red Line

Question to Regional Transit Planners:
Why does the Red Line Freeway BRT along Cedar Avenue/Mn 77 not continue beyond Mall of America on 77 and 62 to interline with the Orange Line on I-35W to downtown Minneapolis? [Yes I know, there will still be Express Buses services from 77 to 35, but you weaken the brand, no? All the other colored lines go to downtown, and red is a primary color.]
Why is it better to make people transfer at Mall of America to Hiawatha (Blue Line) and stop 16 times rather than go on the Freeway BRT and stop 2 times before reaching downtown? [Yes I know, it is not for people going downtown, but then, are we really expecting this to carry lots of people justifying high frequency.]
Are you afraid picking up passengers at Mall of America to downtown will reduce your LRT ridership? [Or am I too cynical?]
A poor implementation here will harm the future of Highway BRT just as the poor plan of Northstar is hurting Commuter Rail. The UrbanMSP thread is here, but I haven’t seen these questions addressed.