HOV3 and Casual Carpooling

MSNBC: ‘Pure mayhem’ as New York City tries to get back to work :

“That led some people to try to hitchhike their way into Manhattan, with drivers eager to pick them up to make the three-person-per-car quota.
‘Some folks offered me a ride,’ said Melanie Bower, 30, who lives in Fort Greene. ‘I was touched by their kindness at first. But then I realized they just needed me so they could have three in their car.’ 
Bower walked into Manhattan instead, and then caught a bus uptown.”

It seems casual carpooling is running into some moralizing. The gain from trade (I give you a ride, we both save time) appears wrong to at least some travelers. People in other parts of the country have gotten over this, I am surprised New Yorkers, living in the home of capitalism, are having trouble.

One thought on “HOV3 and Casual Carpooling

  1. Of course, given the gridlock in NYC, the passenger may actually save time by walking, making the trade uneven.


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