Bloomberg Announces Carpool Rule for Manhattan-Bound Drivers

Streetsblog on the HOV-only bridges and tunnels in NYC will really help buses: Bloomberg Announces Carpool Rule for Manhattan-Bound Drivers : “After a morning and afternoon when car traffic completely clogged NYC streets and river crossings, Mayor Bloomberg announced new restrictions for drivers entering Manhattan via bridges and tunnels on Thursday and Friday. On most crossings, only cars with three or more people will be allowed to enter Manhattan.”

I hope Casual Carpooling takes off.

One thought on “Bloomberg Announces Carpool Rule for Manhattan-Bound Drivers

  1. Manhatan is well suited for casual carpooling given the few, controlled entry points. I’m sure the reason it hasn’t caught on there is that there are no time saving incentives to use it like in Washington DC and Houston where access to HOV lanes makes it a win-win for drivers and riders. I suspect the strong transit unions in New York will not be happy if casual carpooling takes some of their riders. The same goes for the strong taxi lobby.


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