UMN Campus Shuttle Signs

Apropos the previous post on bus stops, the University of Minnesota has a new set of campus shuttle and connector signs. The distinguishing feature is the use of QR codes. I am not sure how I feel about this, QR codes seem faddish. Nevertheless, it would be interesting to get statistics on how many relatively tech-savvy UMN students use the QR codes daily, compared with the number who text, call, or go to the website get information.
More info here, including real-time moving buses.

One thought on “UMN Campus Shuttle Signs

  1. These are awful. They’re too high in the air to scan, and the URL they’re encoding is too complicated, so the QR code is too complicated. They should use to shorten the URLs, and post them at eye or chest level, not 10 feet in the air.
    And if you go to on your phone, there’s no way for me to easily input the stop number you’re looking at.


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