MNDot Launches Pedestrian Safety Campaign |


Julie Kosbab on: MNDot Launches Pedestrian Safety Campaign

In my pedestrian-centric view, The most important one is on the right: “Hey Drivers … EVERY CORNER IS A CROSSWALK. Yep … every single one”. This is especially needed at T-intersections of minors meeting majors. Especially unmarked crosswalks. Now if there could only be consistency about crosswalk markings (i.e. no markings) to help remind drivers of this.

2 thoughts on “MNDot Launches Pedestrian Safety Campaign |

  1. In Valparaiso, IN, most of the crossings are marked, but unlike MN there is no sign for saying “stopping for pedestrians” and cars don’t seem to yield to pedestrians. So as a pedestrian, you’ve gotta watch out all the time.


  2. Honestly, it’s needed even at 4-way signalized intersections with marked crosswalks. Maybe they could angle the signs so that people making the left turn yield would see it and check for pedestrians before starting their turn.


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