Linklist: July 23, 2012 goes meta: Streets.MN, by the numbers :

“Our most popular day is Monday. We get approximately 700 unique visitors on your average Monday. Wednesday appears to be our next most popular day. Streets.MN sees about 2,300 visitors per week and upwards of 9,100 visits per month. “

(Via Tyler Cowan) CNNGo: Gallery: Spectacular, rarely seen images of China’s railways

Business Insider: Six Percent Of People Swerve to Run Over Animals:

“[Rober] found that about 6 percent of drivers (60 out of his sample of 1,000 cars — mostly those in SUVs and trucks) would swerve out of their lane to hit a spider, turtle or snake on the side of the road. On the flip side of the animal empathy coin, almost 6 percent also pulled over to try to help the rubber animals (specifically the snake and turtle).”

Cool Hunting: Hövding Invisible Bicycle Helmet:

“a fabric collar containing a built-in airbag designed to inflate around a cyclist’s head on impact. “