Aunt Bee the Crusader

In memory of Andy Griffith:

Andy Griffith Show, Episode #111 (S4E15) “Aunt Bee the Crusader” Original Broadcast Jan 20, 1964. Aunt Bee champions the cause of a small farmer who has been forced to sell his farm to make way for a new highway. When Bee leads a group of ladies in a demonstration, Andy and Barney head out to break up the protest where they stumble over a group of six stills Farmer Frisbee has hidden away under his henhouse. — From the Mayberry Wikia

I loved the Andy Griffith show, it got me through my Master’s Thesis. Of course this episode comments on the Freeway Revolts and deals with the rights of the individual vs. the needs of society. But it cops out on the decision, since after the discovery of stills, the road inevitably goes through, though it should be an irrelevant factor. Surrendering the stills should not forfeit the farm.