Debunking the urban revival

David King debunks @ Getting from here to there: : Some Thoughts on City v. Suburban Growth:

Lots of media outlets are picking up the story first reported in the Wall Street Journal that cities are growing faster than suburbs. See herehere, and here for samples. A few things about these data that suggest we should interpret the results with caution. First, these are growth rates, not absolute numbers. Because central cities make up a minority share of regional population most population growth–by a lot–is happening in the suburbs. Consider Atlanta, the second faster growing city compared with its suburbs according to the chart at top. Atlanta has 432,427 people as of July 2011 and grew at 2.4%. The suburbs have 4,926,778 in July 2011 and grew at 1.3%. Here is the data source. This means that the metro growth was 74,426 for the year, 10,378 settled in Atlanta and 64,048 settled in the suburbs. In percentage terms, 14% of the growth happened in the central city and 86% happened in the suburbs. That doesn’t suggest a sea change in attitude

I agree with David, it would be nice if it were true, but the evidence is not there.