LInklist: June 15, 2012

Lewis Lehe @ PriceRoads: Nassim Taleb and Infrastructure. He complains about lack of what OR folks would call “slack” in the system. We have so optimized the network that it is no longer robust to slight disruptions.

Alex Tabarrok @ Marginal Revolution The Google-Trolley Problem
[will the Google smart car kill the big guy to save five small guys?]

The Lorry Anthropomorphic

Trucks, like other vehicles, have been anthropomorphized. The Anthropomorphic Uhaul has drawn ire. On Sodor, Elizabeth the Vintage Lorry was already old stock. Trucks of course were major rivals to trains, so Thomas and Friends’ prejudices are understandable.

To be clear, the anthropomorphic vehicle is not always goodness and light, e.g. Maximum Overdrive. There is an entire genre of horror movies about possessed vehicles, including: “Car, Maximum Overdrive, Duel, Christine, Black Cadillac and Blood Car to name just a few.”

One should also see: The Taco Truck Anthropomorphic

Elizabeth Uhaulx Imatruck Firetruck