The Metro: Twin Cities Transit Visualized


A new design firm, Carticulate, has pieced together planning documents and laid out Twin Cities (GreaterMSP for corporate types) transit maps in a much nicer way than the Metropolitan Council has … The Metro: Twin Cities Transit Visualized. Their white paper is here.
While there are still bugs (I assume Bottineau is the Blue Line extended, and will go to Brooklyn Center, not Maple Grove; Northstar has not exceeded projections; not all the fonts are consistent in size), the elements of the improved design can be seen on this and other maps they have on their website.
[I have complained about bad maps before. With better design like Carticulate’s we can just argue the substance of the lines.]
I would love to see this for buses, and their work on improving bus stop signage.

Linklist: June 13, 2012

PeerJ Blog A new, respectable, open-access journal (in biology and medicine) that charges authors “memberships” rather than publication charges. Memberships on the order of $100.

Wired: Apple, Google Just Killed Portable GPS Devices Dallas – Fort Worth: Pedestrians face danger on Orange Line ‘path’ in Las Colinas

“Meanwhile, joggers question why the rails are so accessible if they’re intended to be off-limits. DART says it may consider changing the design if it becomes a bigger problem.”