We are the one-half of one percent.

Thank you Transportationistas. According to Technorati, The Transportationist is ranked 5358. We have an Authority of 418.

Before you say, “5358, that’s terrible”, consider, this is out of all 1,302,266 blogs indexed by Technorati, which puts us in the top 1/2 of 1 percent.
Look out HuffPo, here we come.

Linklist: June 8, 2012

Via BS, from Do the Math MPG of a Human :

“On Do the Math, three previous posts have focused on transportation efficiency of gasoline cars, electric cars, and on the practicalities of solar-powered cars. What about personal-powered transport—namely, walking and biking? After stuffing myself over Thanksgiving, I am curious to know how potent human fuel can be. How many miles per gallon do we get as our own engines of transportation?”

Businessweek: The Gas Station of the Future Just Opened

TPM Idea Lab: Argonne National Laboratory Pivots From Electric To Natural Gas Vehicles:

“‘Our conclusion is that natural gas as a transportation fuel has both adequate abundance and cost advantages that make a strong case to focus interest in the technology as a real game changer in US energy security,’ said Mike Duoba, an engineer at the auto research center at Argonne National Laboratory near Chicago, Illinois.”