The Construction Vehicle Anthropomorphic





Continuing on our series of anthropomorphic vehicles (Trains and more Trains), Helicopters, Planes, and Boats), and Tom Vanderbilt’s different, artistic link to cars, we have the genre of the construction vehicle.

There is of course Bob the Builder, Jack and The Pack from Sodor, and the new multi-ethnic Chuck and Friends.
Bob started off with stop-motion animation, but that is a lost art form, and new episodes are CGI. Jack and his Pack was aimed to be a Thomas and Friends spin-off when they first showed up in Series 6 (2002), but the company that owned Bob and the company that owned Thomas merged (HiT Entertainment (originally Henson International Television, named for Jim Henson), which owned Bob the Builder, acquired Gullane which owned Thomas), and no need for the in-house competition. HiT was recently acquired by Mattel.
My son had a Chuck dump truck (his grandfather likes to give him dump trucks), and I just found on Netflix that the character has been cartoonified by Hasbro. Hasbro lost the contract to make Bob toys in 2005.

Which is more pure, a toy turned into a cartoon (a la Chuck), or a cartoon turned into toys (a la Thomas (which of course originates as a book))?
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