Linklist: April 27, 2012

From DW: Road Rents not Road Rage. A short clip from youtube that points to a more efficient transport system.

Jim Foti (The Road Guy) asks @ MPR: Having a pro football team may make us feel good, but is it worth it?

PZ sends me to: Strollerderby who asks: Was There a Carmagedoon Baby Boom in Los Angeles?

Wired: As Interest in Autonomous Cars Rises, Google Shops For Automaker Partners:

“A study released by J.D. Power and Associates shows that 1 in 5 consumers would purchase a vehicle equipped with autonomous driving capabilities. The report comes days after Google expressed interest in partnering with automakers to bring the technology to market.”

The Onion Transit Issue. It is moderately amusing, and well worth reading if you find a copy on the floor of the bus and your earphones broke and you finished your book.

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  1. I totally agree with the idea that we need more efficient transport system and infrastructure. Thanks for the interesting sources of information shared!


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