Linklist: April 20, 2012

Blake Masters: Peter Thiel’s CS183: Startup – Class 4 Notes Essay:

“The Last Mover Advantage …
The usual narrative is that capitalism and perfect competition are synonyms. No one is a monopoly. Firms compete and profits are competed away. But that’s a curious narrative. A better one frames capitalism and perfect competition as opposites; capitalism is about the accumulation of capital, whereas the world of perfect competition is one in which you can’t make any money. Why people tend to view capitalism and perfect competition as interchangeable is thus an interesting question that’s worth exploring from several different angles.”

DMI News & Views – Viewpoints: Design Thinking: A Solution to Fracture-Critical Systems:

“Fisher: Absolutely. And it’s necessary. The humanities are engaged in a study of the past, the sciences and social sciences study the present, and design is one of the few fields that imagines alternative futures—in a rigorous way.”

A collection of Road Markings & Street Furniture from a model RR site.

DeluxeVille: ~Bus Stop Goddess [Some interesting philosophy about riding buses along with interesting examples of vintage bus stop eroticism, who says buses can’t be sexy.]

Alex Jones @ Infowars! Mandatory ‘Big Brother’ Black Boxes In All New Cars