The Objectivist – Ron Paul – Mitt Romney Alliance

Why doesn’t Ron Paul go after Romney in the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination fight. I just figured it out … Romney’s first son is Tagg, as in Taggart, as in Dagny Taggart, while Paul’s first son is of course Rand Paul. One is named for the main character of Atlas Shrugged, the other for the novel’s author Ayn Rand. (Unusually both men are named for women).
The Objectivists, not the Tea Party, have captured the GOP.
The transportation connection, Dagny Taggart ran a railroad.

A positive theory of network connectivity


Recently published: Levinson D, Huang A, 2012, “A positive theory of network connectivity” Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design 39(2) 308 – 325. [doi:10.1068/b37094]

Abstract. In this paper we develop a positive theory of network connectivity, seeking to provide the microfoundations of alternative network topologies as the result of self-interested actors. By building roads, landowners hope to increase their parcels’ accessibility and economic value. A simulation model is performed on a grid-like land-use layer with a downtown in the center. The degree to which the networks are tree-like is evaluated. This research posits that road networks experience an evolutionary process where a tree-like structure first emerges around the centered parcel before the network pushes outward to the periphery. Road network topology becomes increasingly connected as the accessibility value of reaching other parcels increases. The results demonstrate that, even without a centralized authority, road networks can display the property of self-organization and evolution, and that, in the absence of intervention, the degree to which a network structure is tree-like or web-like results from the underlying economies.
Keywords: road network, network growth, network structure, treeness, circuitness, topology

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