Spirit of Transportation

Four works of art entitled “The Spirit of Transportation”. Which do you think best encapsulates that “spirit”?

The Spirit of Transportation (Strength and Service turning the Wheel of Progress): “”


L.A. Places: Bullocks Wilshire


30th Street Station


Coles Philips – Coles Phillips – The Spirit of Transportation undated Painting


Linklist: March 6, 2012

Bloomberg: Ford Sending Owners a USB Flash Drive for Fixes – Bloomberg:

“Ford Motor Co. (F), which has plunged in quality rankings, on March 8 will begin sending more than 300,000 owners of the Ford Explorer, Edge, Focus and Lincoln MKX a USB flash drive loaded with new software to fix problems with MyFord Touch and MyLincoln Touch systems, the company said.
“We know that there’s a group of customers that reported that there were features of MyFord Touch that were not working properly and we’ve taken that feedback seriously,” Derrick Kuzak, Ford’s product-development chief, said today at a briefing in Dearborn, Michigan. “We expect these improvements will put us back on track in the quality rankings.””

Nate Hood @ streets.mnDo Stadiums Bring Development? n [No, lots of nice before and after images]