Light rail gets a name, new logo

MPR reports that Light rail gets a name, new logo :

“St. Paul, Minn. — The Twin Cities light rail system is getting a new name.
Under a plan the Metropolitan Council approved Wednesday, the light rail and rapid transit lines will be known as “Metro” once the Central Corridor line opens in 2014
The system will feature a “T” logo instead of an “M,” said Metro Transit General Manager Brian Lamb.
The decision was made after brand testing a variety of logos.
“The qualities that people associated with the “T” logo are really solid ones that we really want to build the system around,” Lamb said. “That’s reliability [and] the system approach toward transit.”
Lamb says the Hiawatha light rail line will become the blue line and the Central Corridor will be the green line.

Readers of this blog of course know the real name they stuck with a “T”, it was so they would not have to change all the Bus Stop signs. One only hopes they thought about buses when choosing the name, since you know, buses carry some 90% of transit users in the region.
Alternatives names were considered but rejected. These include:

  • Hennepin-Ramsey Transit (HeRT)
  • Ramsey-Hennepin Transit (RaHT)
  • METRO – Moving Everyone (without a car) Through the Region On-grade
  • MeToo – Minnesotans Emulating Transit names of Other Organizations

One thought on “Light rail gets a name, new logo

  1. The effort to brand rail transit seems like a dead weight loss to society. I am not more inclined or disinclined to ride the Hiawatha Line because it’s a “T” instead of an “M”, or if it’s blue.


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