Linklist: February 3, 2012

Lewis Lehe @ Price Roads: Texas Equity : “If airlines were government run, then the idea of offering more expensive, non-stop flights would run into equity concerns. But airlines offer this option all the time, and no one ever complains about it. I’m starting to think the main advantage of private ownership isn’t “greed is good” or anything with incentives, but simply that private firms aren’t beholden to equity concerns whenever anything changes.”

Star Tribune: Transit officials looking to Ludwig [von Beethoven] and his posse for help: “You go up that escalator and you feel like you’re on your way to invade Poland,” said Eric Gustafson, assistant director of the Corcoran Neighborhood Organization, which complained about conduct at the station.” [Playing classical music to dissuade transit trouble-makers, we should have an ambient sound-track everywhere on land, and chase the Trouble-Makers into Lake Superior]

Calculated Risk: U.S. Light Vehicle Sales at 14.18 million annual rate in January: ” That is up 12.1% from January 2011, and up 5.1% from the sales rate last month (13.5 million SAAR in Dec 2011).”

Exhibition RoadExhibition Road officially open. This is an interesting Shared Space in South Kensington by Imperial College, the Science Museum, the V&A, and the Natural History Museum in London. Photos