Nexus Group @ TRB

Nexus group research will be presented at the Transportation Research Board conference in Washington DC, next week. Details of sessions are below, along with links to the papers:

Type No. Sponsor Session Location Time
Workshop 173 ABE10 Analyzing the Risks and Rewards of Public-Private Partnerships Hilton, Georgetown East Jan 22 2012 1:30PM- 4:30PM
Session 328 ABG20 Alternative Pedagogical Strategies and Tools for Effective Learning (paper) Hilton, Columbia Hall 5 Jan 23 2012 1:30PM- 3:15PM
Poster Session 352 ABE20 Issues in Transportation Economics: Marginal Cost of Travel, Value of Time, Value of Reliability, Vehicle Miles Traveled, and Economic Activity (paper) Hilton, International Center Jan 23 2012 2:00PM- 3:45PM
Poster Session 600 ABJ30 Taking Urban Data to New Heights: New Sources, New Techniques,and New Applications (paper) Hilton, International Center Jan 24 2012 2:00PM- 3:45PM
Session 622 ADD30 “Where” Matters: New Evidence and Approaches to Analyzing Location Choice (paper) Hilton, Columbia Hall 7 Jan 24 2012 3:45PM- 5:30PM
Poster Session 711 ADB10 Innovations in Activity and Travel Behavior (paper) Hilton, International Center Jan 25 2012 8:30AM- 10:15AM
Session 768 ADB10 Route Choice Modeling (e-Session) (paper) Hilton, International East Jan 25 2012 2:30PM- 4:00PM