A solution to the Vikings stadium mess, a side-payment to Zygi Wilf

MinnPost reports Vikes to Minneapolis: Don’t forget an extra $67 million cost for dome site: “The team estimates it would earn $12.3 million less in revenues per year at the U’s stadium than it would make at the Metrodome, because of space limitations, sponsorships and fan amenities.”

The net present value of $12.3 million, discounted at 3 percent, for 30 years is $248 million. Go here if you want to play with alternative scenarios. (At 0 percent this is only $360.9 million)
This is less than the public infrastructure cost. In other words, just give Zygi $248 million in cash and let the Vikings play at the Bank.
Given the approximately $1 billion in total costs the stadium was estimated to cost, I just saved everyone concerned three-quarters of a billion dollars. I would like just 10 percent for my efforts today.