Linklist: December 9, 2011

AB tells me that The Gaming Gang reviewsUrban Sprawl : “Having lived most of my life in Chicago, I understand the concept that urban development can be a cut-throat proposition – never for a moment think any great metropolis was built with a lot of hand holding and singing of Kumbayah… Nope, it was a dog fight all the way and Urban Sprawl brings that dog fight to your gaming table.”

PZ tells me “Tolling started on the ICC, and as might be expected, traffic volumes went down, though my wife used it yesterday to get from Leisure World (where a co-worker of hers lives) to I-95. She loved the ICC (first time she’d driven on it). The MDOT/SHA/MdTA CHART site has a slew of cameras online, including several along the ICC.”

Brian Pearce writes to the Economist: Letters: On airlines, space telescopes, American politics, Mexico’s army, the Mekong delta, the Sex Pistols, goatee beards: “SIR – You questioned the level of competition in the airline industry (“Open the skies”, November 12th). Yet airlines struggle to survive in one of the most competitive business environments. Since deregulation began in America 30 years ago the real price of air travel worldwide has halved. During that period the average airline post-tax profit margin has been a paltry 0.03%.” [There used to be a chart on the IATA site which had cumulative profits from the airline sector since the 1920s, but it is no longer there, does anyone have a copy. It basically showed that airlines have been net negative profitable over their cumulative existence]