Linklist: November 30, 2011

Map: Hybrid And Electric Sales Across The Country: “Hybrids and electrics account for less than 3 percent of all cars sold in the U.S. this year, but that ratio is higher in some areas. The San Francisco Bay Area leads the nation with 8.4 percent of all cars sold and the rest of the top 10 markets are also on the West Coast.”

Pioneer Press: American Airlines pins hopes on recovery in bankruptcy: “After resisting for a decade, the parent company of American Airlines announced Tuesday that it would follow a strategy that the rest of the industry chose long ago: filing for bankruptcy protection so it can shed debt, cut labor costs and find a way back to profitability.”

Freakonomics Blog: Daniel Kahneman Answers Your Questions: “Two weeks ago, we solicited your questions for Princeton psychology professor and Nobel laureate  Daniel Kahneman, whose new book is called Thinking, Fast and Slow. You responded by asking 45 questions. Kahneman has answered 22 of them in one of the more in-depth and wide-ranging Q&A’s we’ve run recently.” [The books is well worth reading]