Dear Elsevier, Your RSS Feeds are Broken

Dear Elsevier,
Your RSS Feeds are Broken
I use Google Reader to read RSS feeds of journals in my field. Your RSS feeds have broken in recent months. At first I hoped it was a hiccup. It seems more substantial. The same RSS feed
gives me both Transport Policy (good) and Comparative Immunology, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (which is wonderful, but quite useless).
The same RSS feed
gives me Transport Research part A and The Lancet and Diamond and Related Materials.
The same RSS feed
gives me Chemical Engineering Research and Design and Regional Science and Urban Economics
etc., etc., etc.
Today The Journal of Transport Geography gives me Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry
This is an interesting problem since the feeds seem cleaned up when I go to them directly (e.g. in Safari). I suspect you clean out the wrong feeds after Google Reader archives it, though perhaps there is another explanation. Google Reader has this problem only with Elsevier feeds. None of my other feeds seem similarly corrupted.
I realize not too many people are using these RSS feeds, but I am one of them. It seems simple enough. Please fix.