InDecision 2011: Washington State Transportation Initiatives

Seattle Times: No quick cascade of tolls from I-1125 defeat : “Voters have rejected a Tim Eyman initiative aimed at restricting the use of highway tolls and blocking light rail from the Interstate 90 bridge. The latest vote tally on Wednesday showed Initiative 1125 was falling too far behind to catch up with the remaining votes.”

Seattle Times: Officials not suggesting new try on car-tab fee : “Debate continued Wednesday about why Tuesday’s $60 car-tab measure for transportation projects failed, but no one at City Hall was promising to quickly rework the proposal and place it before voters again anytime soon.” See also Seattle Transit Blog for full coverage.

Seattle Times Voters put a stop sign on red-light camera use : “Nothing less than a statewide ban of red-light cameras will satisfy opponents of the devices, following victories in all three cities with advisory votes on the issue Tuesday.