Transportation futurist

I am mentioned in a MnDaily article on futurists.

David Levinson, a civil engineering professor, teaches evolution of transportation for the University’s Department of Civil Engineering.

Levinson heads the Nexus Research Group at the University, which studies the impact of technological developments on city transportation and infrastructure.

Levinson said he sees a future with fully-automated cars that remove human error from driving. Traffic fatalities have been declining as technology improves, he said, and the future will bring about safer commutes.

He said he also sees “green cars” as luxury goods rather than a practical solution to reducing pollution and lowering energy costs.

Levinson, who blogs prolifically about futurism, said mankind should leave for the stars by 2301 and “try to avoid destroying the Earth [or] solar system before then.”

Personal space travel is another frequent topic of speculation. Virgin Galactic started offering $200,000 space flights last month to anyone willing to pay for a trip aboard one of its star cruisers.

However, Levinson said personal space travel, while possible, is unfeasible due to cost, and he predicts it will become a niche market for the wealthy.

Aside from conflating short term and long term (green cars as luxury goods is clearly a short term phenomenon, vs space travel), and putting me in an article about futurists, not too much worth rebutting.

– dml