Linklist: October 25, 2011

StarTribune Hwy. 52 between Rochester, Cities dangerously behind the times [I just drove this myself, and the speeding was amazing].

IDV User Experience: Shipping Mix [Via Lisa Schweitzer, nice visualizations]

Pioneer Press: Drivers need some direction to safely navigate roundabouts [I don’t understand the un-American bit, waiting for a communist traffic light to centrally allocate scarce green time seems vaguely Soviet. Seizing available road space seems American, never mind the natives already in the intersection.]

Kare11: Mn/DOT lists 20 most dangerous intersections Full list here

Discovery News: How Google’s Self-Driving Car Works How Google’s Self-Driving Car Works

NY Times: Mattel to Acquire HIT Entertainment for $680 Million Sir Topham Hatt has a new boss.