Samsung Galaxy S™ II, Epic™ 4G Touch

Samsung Galaxy S™ II, Epic™ 4G Touch 7 distinct words. 12 syllables (excluding the TM). You could die of old age just saying the name. This has to be the longest product name ever. And 2 trademark symbols, just in case you wanted to use the letter “S”, or perhaps the word “Epic” to describe a different phone. I believe “Epic” is generally followed by “Fail” these days.
Kentucky Fried Chicken became KFC (6 syllables was too many)
Northwest Orient became Northwest
Compare with iPhone. (I am sure it is a wonderful phone, but Samsung’s ad agency or branding consultant needs to be taken to the woodshed.)

Linklist: October 25, 2011

StarTribune Hwy. 52 between Rochester, Cities dangerously behind the times [I just drove this myself, and the speeding was amazing].

IDV User Experience: Shipping Mix [Via Lisa Schweitzer, nice visualizations]

Pioneer Press: Drivers need some direction to safely navigate roundabouts [I don’t understand the un-American bit, waiting for a communist traffic light to centrally allocate scarce green time seems vaguely Soviet. Seizing available road space seems American, never mind the natives already in the intersection.]

Kare11: Mn/DOT lists 20 most dangerous intersections Full list here

Discovery News: How Google’s Self-Driving Car Works How Google’s Self-Driving Car Works

NY Times: Mattel to Acquire HIT Entertainment for $680 Million Sir Topham Hatt has a new boss.