Linklist: October 20, 2011

Bloomberg NJ Transit Starts Tap-And-Pay Smartphone Option With Google : “The public-transit system is the first to partner with the company on its Google Wallet “tap-and-pay” system, which gives businesses access to credit-card information when a customer waves their phone over a sensor to make a purchase. … “Transit is the fastest way to accelerate adoption and reach usage density in major urban centers by habituating the behavior of tapping and paying with phones,” Stephanie Tilenius, vice president of commerce at Mountain View, California-based Google, said in the statement. … The service is only available on Sprint Nextel Corp. (S)’s Android-based Nexus S 4G phone and users must charge items to Citigroup Inc. (C) MasterCard credit cards. Google said it’s expanding to other Android phones and is teaming up with Visa Inc. (V), Discover Financial Services (DFS) and American Express Co. to expand to other cards.” [At least transit is fastest for something]

David King passes this on from New Scientist (behind a paywall), suggesting more positive (negative?) externalities of building height restrictions. If you live in taller buildings you are shaving nanoseconds off your life. About time: Does it really fly when you’re having fun? : ”
A year atop Australia’s tallest apartment block will make you 950 nanoseconds older than a bungalow-dweller”