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MediaPost reports on an Audi ad I spotted yesterday during a football game: : “A second execution points out that highway repair is underfunded, costing drivers $67 billion per year. The ads with the tagline “The road is now an intelligent place” will run in national and cable buys with print in national newspapers and online beginning this month.”

Underfunded highways is a selling point for upgraded cars. This is really fascinating. Maybe we should just fix the roads. If anyone has a video of the ad, please let me know. Thanks to Mike Hicks for finding the link

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  1. A side note: That ad was filmed predominantly in the Portland, Oregon area (they even photoshopped one of the bridges (The Freemont I405 bridge) and took out the arch to hide it a bit – but frame by frame we can read roadsigns and see landmarks).
    It is slighty ironic as our region has been struggling with bridge maintenance funding for a long time.


  2. Hey Thanks for confirming this. I lived in Portland 50 years before moving to Florida and this caught my eye right away. I studied the photos frame per frame and was convinced ven with the bridge gone and the traffic signs on the upper deck facing the wrong way. The part under the elevated roadways was also modified and looks like the area near hawthorne


  3. For what it’s worth,
    That’s the Interstate Bridge – between Portland and Vancouver, Interstate 5 – at the ad’s end – the guy slowing for the texting driver, then zooming along past green girders.
    A Portland native, that distinct look of the (obviously touched up) Fremont caught my eye. Happened to record the ad during baseball playoffs, confirmed that hunch, then noticed the unmistakeable rise-and-fall and girder pattern on the Columbia River span. A freeze-frame caught the familiar Highway 14/Camas exit overhead sign, on the opposite span near the very end, for the clincher.
    Something a resident of the Couv couldn’t possibly miss!
    And, anyone familiar with the tortured saga of the proposed, multi-billion dollar I-5 bridge replacement also can’t miss the irony, here.


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