On the Jobs Speech – By Reihan Salam

Reihan Salam On the Jobs Speech : “I don’t oppose the idea of an infrastructure bank, but the crucial question concerns how we structure an infrastructure bank. The best version of the proposal I’ve seen thus far is in “Fix It First, Expand It Second, Reward It Third,” by Matthew Kahn, one of my favorite economists, and David Levinson, a transportation scholar at the University of Minnesota. I draw heavily on their proposal in a forthcoming project. “

Linklist: September 9, 2011

Cafe Hayek on Infrastructure: Crumbling: “Whenever someone writes about infrastructure or bridges, they always use the word “crumbling” and say that we have neglected our infrastructure. We have to spend more, we’re told.” [The money is not being spent wisely, why give more, they say. The point is valid. The other point, that infrastructure is aging in place and something must be done also remains valid. What that something is, is, unfortunately not what will be done.]

Yahoo! News (via Marginal Revolution) German city introduces “tax meters” for prostitutes – [a tax (or is it a toll?) on (street)-walking]