Linklist: September 7, 2011

TPM Idea Lab: The World’s Smallest Electric Motor Is Made From a Single Molecule “As for uses–oh, yeah, there are actual uses for this thing!–scientists believe that this molecule could further be developed into a motor to power nano-sized devices in fields such as medicine.” [Very very small cars]

TPM Muckraker: Wis. Official To DMV Employees: Don’t Offer People Free Voter-ID Cards Unless They Ask [An unrecognized role of DMV, and transportation agencies, is establishing identity, and who gets to vote]

KurzweilAI: NASA needs strategic plan to manage orbital debris efforts [See Quark (TV series)]

Mail Online: Phase one of world’s first commercial spaceport is now 90 per cent completed – in time for first flights in 2013 [Space will soon be a regular mode, just like maritime and biking (should NASA be part of USDOT?), but I would hate to see space commercialization derailed by orbital debris.]

Layer 8: Air Force awards $25K to inventor of insanely fast device that stops fleeing cars [It goes 130 MPH]

Lisa reviews our paper at Sustainable Cities and Transport: Levinson and Xie on First Mover Advantages in Networks

New GIS toolbox for network analysis: Urban Network Analysis