Linklist: August 31, 2011

International Business TimesSony to Launch World’s First 3D Compatible Head-Mounted Display : “The new head-mounted Personal 3D Viewer HMZ-T1 is scheduled to be released in Japan on Nov. 11. It enables the user to watch 3D or 2D pictures on a movie theater-like virtual screen through its two 1280×720 0.7-inch high-definition OLED panels mounted in front of each eye giving an equivalent experience similar to viewing a 750-inch screen from 60 feet away.”

Popular Science: How Intelligent Cars Will Make Driving Easier and Greener: “A new generation of smarter-car technology is helping drivers — and cars — manage trips more efficiently, preventing gridlock, avoiding wrecks and ameliorating 5 p.m. road rage”

[Watch 3D wraparound HD on your head-mounted display while your car drives you to where you are going. That feels like the future.]