Linklist: August 25, 2011

Tara has a blog: NW Wildflowers.

Russia green lights a tunnel from Siberia to Alaska. Does Sara Palin approve? [Discussed on Transportationist in 2007, via Brendon]

Star Tribune makes populist noises about Public Works hiring a bicycle coordinator when they are laying off firefighters. “The coordinator will earn between $61,000 and $84,000 a year”. “”Is fire more important than this? Yeah. To the tune of 380 times more people doing that work than this work,” said Peter Wagenius, policy director in the mayor’s office. “But if we can prevent an unnecessary fatality through this work, we’re going to do it.””

Kottke summarizes links on: Evolution of the London Underground map

One thought on “Linklist: August 25, 2011

  1. That kind of reminds me of the fire fighters from 9/11 don’t get invited to the memorial when all the politicians get invited
    There is never enough room for the firefighters


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