Remapping cities

SmartPlanet: Video: How ‘augmented reality’ will make boring cities beautiful

I imagine a new art form, recoding existing cities with more beautiful ones. As I walk down the streets of Minneapolis with my new Augmented Reality glasses, it looks like Paris or Venice, as someone has carefully remapped Parisian buildings to Minneapolitan ones. It will be much cheaper to draw nice buildings digitally than to actually build them. We can now have a new way to avoid the negative externality of ugliness. We can further subscribe to the city of our choice, I want to be in Tokyo today, I just download the Tokyo skin ($0.99 at the Apple AugmentedRealityStore) and I feel like I am in Tokyo. Even the plants are Japanese, all the Maple Trees are now Japanese Maples.
We could just let our cities crumble, since all that matters is their virtuality.

(Via Kurzweil.)

One thought on “Remapping cities

  1. I was just having a conversation with someone who works on historic preservation about this very topic, asking him whether augmented reality will eventually totally make the exercise of preservation unnecessary. Why go to such costs when we can preserve every building ever digitally and see them any time? Needless to say, he wasn’t taking the conversation nearly as seriously as I was.


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