Fallen slab is concrete proof Montreal’s crumbling

Fallen Slab, Montreal Quebec
Fallen Slab, Montreal Quebec

Toronto Star:Fallen slab is concrete proof Montreal’s crumbling

MONTREAL—A huge concrete slab fell Sunday on a major expressway that runs under downtown Montreal, the latest in a series of incidents that point to the city’s crumbling infrastructure.
No one was injured in the collapse in the Ville-Marie tunnel, but the incident could have had disastrous consequences if it had occurred on Monday at the same time, during rush hour traffic, police said.
“Our officers arrived at the scene and we verified and made sure that no one was stuck underneath the rubble,” Daniel Thibaudeau, spokesman for Quebec provincial police, told reporters Sunday.
About 100,000 vehicles use the expressway during an average weekday, according to Transport Quebec.

It is somehow reassuring when infrastructure in other countries is falling apart too.

3 thoughts on “Fallen slab is concrete proof Montreal’s crumbling

  1. The infrastructure in the United States is also in bad shape. Everywhere you go right now is under construction, but it has so far to go. With the state of the world economy I wonder if other nations (US included) will have the funds to fix the issues before it gets so bad people do get hurt


  2. This is incredible. You would think construction monitoring would prevent something like this. I hope the gov. can get a could hold upon safety.


  3. I agree with Dustin. The roads in some parts of the US are in terrible shape. Add to that a terribly hot summer and drought taking a stressful toll on concrete structures including residential slab foundations.


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