New lease of life for Kenya’s ‘lunatic’ railway

BBCNew lease of life for Kenya’s ‘lunatic’ railway

Kenya has ambitious plans to build a modern railway that could be a catalyst for transforming East Africa.
A major part of the project involves upgrading the existing line between Mombasa on the Indian Ocean to the shores of Lake Victoria – the route once dubbed the “lunatic line” because of the high cost of building it – both in terms of money and human life.
The upgrade in Kenya will cost between $3bn to $5bn (£1.8bn to £3bn).
Mugo Kibati of Kenya’s Vision 2030, an ambitious development plan for Kenya that aims to see annual growth rates of 10% over the next 20 years, said the new railway would play a key role in bringing that about.

Privately (and/or foreign, in this case Chinese) funded new railways are completely appropriate in “developing” countries, building them is how they replace the “ing” with “ed”.
But what happens when the railroad goes bankrupt? The foreign capitalists (communist/capitalists) lose their stock, but the railroad remains in place, definitely a good thing for the locals. (Now, why would you, or the Chinese, invest in such a thing, that is the difficult question).