Niet Roken

If it says no smoking, why is there an ashtray on both the inside and outside of the lavatory door?

(this not a new rule, and seems universal on major carriers)

– dml

3 thoughts on “Niet Roken

  1. The lavatory ashtray is listed as required equipment on the FAA’s Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL). It is there so to ensure the proper extinguishing of cigarettes, arising from incidents where intransigent or oblivious airplane smokers disposed of cigarettes in places that resulted in fires.
    FAA Rule:


  2. Thanks for the feedback. But isn’t this sending mixed signals and encouraging people to smoke in the lavatory? Fortunately it looked empty. I don’t know how often these are used.


  3. People are going to break rules. Its better for rule-breakers not to have to cause a fire hazard. Makes perfect sense to put a contingency ashtray.


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