Duty free

At heathrow terminal 4 the lady at the duty free shop needed to see my boarding pass.

She said this was due to security. Taxes more likely. But isn’t this an international terminal? Didn’t I need a boarding pass to get in?

(I suppose I could have snuck in from another domestic terminal, and not plan to go on any flight and try to leave the terminal by some means other than airplane, but seriously?)

– dml

2 thoughts on “Duty free

  1. Both assumptions correct, primarily sales are audited for tax/vat purposes, secondly to check you were a bonafide traveller… this depends on what you buy as in fact only liquors and tobaccos are “duty free” in the UK, most other goods are tax/vat free if leaving the EU. For intra-EU travellers, they are not actually tax-free.. but I’d need a week to explain why on here!


  2. I was told when I asked about this at another international airport after passport control that the shops use the information for the predictable marketing stuff too.


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