British Airways

Now to reflect on BA.

The flight from London to Geneva was three hours late. The incoming flight was delayed, and there was weather affecting the airport.

Staff however was close to useless.

The gate agent said she couldn’t give info since that was a customer service job, and she was only a gate agent, though it clearly said “senior customer service representative” on her name tag.

Customer service said the plane had landed (it hadn’t), it wasn’t going to be late, just delayed a few minutes (isn’t that late?), the volcano was to blame (I doubt it), and that information would soon be on the giant scoreboard telling you which gate to go to (it wasn’t for a long time, not until well after scheduled departure)

After passing the boarding pass scanner and walking down the jetway, the flight attendants want to check my boarding pass again? Do they think someone could have got in the system between these points?

How often does presenting the same piece of paper count as sufficient?

– dml

Location:Safely aboard my British Airways flight