Cities in Motion Arriving for Mac Today

Mac|Life says: Cities in Motion Arriving for Mac Today

Paradox Interactive announced today that its mass transportation simulator, Cities in Motion, will be released for Mac today. If you’ve got a burning desire to design mass transit systems to get millions of people to work (or if you’re just frustrated with your own city’s transit system and want to show them how it’s done) this ultra-nerdy simulation may be for you.
Developed by a new Finnish (as in: from Finland) development studio (Colossal Order,) Cities in Motion could probably just as easily been called Traffic Tycoon as its gameplay resembles that of other crowd simulations like Rollercoaster Tycoon. Though Cities in Motion is doubtlessly a cooler name.
The game has been available on PC since late February and has garnered a mixed bag of review scores averaging out to a Metacritic rating of 70 (relatively average for the video game section of Metacritic.) Though a mixed reception is all that can reasonably be expected for a modern day train set.

Anyone with experience on the game? Should I get?

The Concrete Lobby?

It appears the Concrete Lobby is also taking a sophisticated approach with:, a campaign in favor of Life-Cycle Cost Analysis (who could be opposed?) backed with research from MIT. I am getting press releases from Laura Braden, who works at Mercury, “a high-stakes public strategy firm”, about their recent CNBC ad, Fox News ad, etc. She has also sent me emails in the past about Building America’s Future (led by Ed Rendell, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Michael Bloomberg), but this seems a different campaign.

The domain is registered in Portugal by someone with an Admin named “Domain Discreet”. Who is behind this?

Much as I wish it were true, transportation economists don’t finance marketing campaigns in favor of Life-Cycle Cost Analysis.
As an aside about different marketing approaches, compare with local efforts, where the lobby at least says who they are.