Journal of Transport and Land Use (Volume 4, Issue 1) is now out

We are pleased to announce the publication of Vol. 4, Issue 1 of the Journal of Transport and Land Use, available at

Table of Contents


Introduction: The Journal of Transport and Land Use enters year four

David M. Levinson



Agglomeration economies, accessibility and the spatial choice behavior of relocating firms

Michiel de Bok, Significance b.v., and Frank van Oort



‘New urbanism’ or metropolitan-level centralization? A comparison of the influences of metropolitan-level and neighborhood-level urban form characteristics on travel behavior.

Petter Naess


An application of the node-place model to explore the spatial development dynamics of station areas in Tokyo

Paul Chorus and Luca Bertolini


Defining land use intensity based on roadway level of service targets

Hamid Iravani, Arash Mirhoseini, and Maziar Rasoolzadeh


Impacts of ethanol plants on highway networks

Subhro Mitra, Alan Dybing and Denver Tolliver


Book Reviews

Review of “Gridlock: Why We’re Stuck in Traffic and What to Do About It” by Randal O’Toole

Reviewed by David M. Levinson



The Journal of Transport and Land Use is an open-access, peer-reviewed online journal publishing original interdisciplinary papers on the interaction of transport and land use. Domains include: engineering, planning, modeling, behavior, economics, geography, regional science, sociology, architecture and design, network science, and complex systems.

World Tour

My world tour continues next week,
Monday May 23-May 25 I will be playing Cambridge UK at the Moller Center for the Applied Urban Modelling Conference. The talk will be “Does First Last: The Existence and Extent of First Mover Advantages on Spatial Networks”. Day 1 (Monday May 23) of the conference and the drinks reception will be held at the Fitzwilliam Museum, (Courtyard Entrance), Trumpington Street, Cambridge. CB2 1RB, Day two (Tuesday 24 May) will be held in the Department of Engineering, Trumpington Street, Cambridge. CB2 1PZ.
On May 25 I will be playing Loughborough University, giving the talk “Network Structure and Travel Behavior”. Date: Wednesday 25 May 2011, 16.00 — 17.00 Location: Design Studio (RT0.29), Department of Civil and Building Engineering
On May 27, I will be playing EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland again giving the talk “Network Structure and Travel Behavior”. Date: Friday, May 27th, 15:15, Location: GC C2 413
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