California High-Speed Train Wreck

Reader CP sends me this link to a LA Times Op Ed: California High-Speed Train Wreck

The only practical way out of this mess is to follow the legislative analyst’s advice and start over, renegotiating terms with the federal government and building the initial segment in a more populous area, such as between San Francisco and San Jose or between Los Angeles and Anaheim. That way, even if the rest of the line is never built, we’d still end up with a heavily used urban rail line. Such renegotiation could jeopardize federal funding and delay construction, but the needless haste created by Washington’s arbitrary deadlines have resulted in mistakes that could be extremely costly.

The LA Times is being cynical. Restarting the process either with a Bay Area or LA local line means the LA local line, since the SF Bay Area San Jose to San Francisco section is tied up with local opposition. This of course would be a better use of the money than the Central Valley line. Note that I did not say this would be a good use of money.