If You Build Public Charging Stations, Will They Come?

Gas 2.0 writes: Op-Ed: If You Build Public Charging Stations, Will They Come?:

“So I ask my fellow alt-fuel advocates; is it really wise to invest in an infrastructure that nobody demanded? Will those empty EV spots fill sooner, rather than later? Is the government stepping in where private enterprise should be taking over? Will these charging stations become just another testament of government folly, or are they bribing would-be EV buyers with free energy?”

The solution is not long-time charging stations scattered about, it is cars that do not require frequent charging, especially if one is on the road. Charging stations at (non-home) parking spaces make as much sense as gasoline fill-ups at work.
If you have to routinely charge more than once a day (presumably home), it is too much. For long-distance travel, solutions like A Better Place make sense, with full battery swap out. Otherwise, we need a quick charge solution, much like gas stations allow a quick fill.
Think about the cell phone model. People can be bothered to charge at home, and form a charging habit, and maybe in their car, but not on the road, because that requires extra infrastructure, thought, etc.

(Via Parking Today.)