Great British Rail Journeys

Great British Railway Journeys is another one of those “about Britain” series (Coast, Britain from Above) which in this case follows former “future Prime Minister” Michael Portillo on a series of rail trips and compares present day places against how they were described in Bradshaw’s Railway Guide from the middle of the 19th century. This is (so far) two series of 20 and 25 half-hour episodes, so it is a significant time commitment. But if you want to see bits about how Britain works, along with a lot of rail porn, in the form of a travelogue, it is quite interesting.

Terrorism and International Transport: Towards risk-based security policy

I was part of a International Transport Forum roundtable in December 2008 that produced this report Terrorism and International Transport: Towards risk-based security policy

The costs of potential damage from terrorism are substantial but so are the costs of improved security. Careful policy appraisal can help make good use of scarce resources.