It’s not your fault. It’s Asphalt

Billboard seen on I-94 EB in Saint Paul.

The Concrete folks say:

It’s “pothole season” so that must mean it is time for . . . a new billboard and advertising campaign by the PCA North Central Region promoting the advantages of concrete pavement and maintenance technologies. Billboards strategically located on a pothole-riddled section of I-94 debuted yeseterday throughout the Twin Cities. The signs proclaim:

“Pothole Season: It’s Not Your Fault. It’s Asphalt.”

Similar ads, appearing on bus shelters, include a QR code that leads viewers to a web site where they can send a letter directly to mayors and public works officials informing them that choosing concrete instead of asphalt is the smart choice for roads and the best use of taxpayer funds.

Just so no-one thinks I have preferences for blacktop or whitetop, the asphalt folks would remind you: Asphalt is best.