Like John Lithgow in Footloose, Denver kills the Barnes Dance

The Denver Post reports some sad news …. Denver to eliminate diagonal crossings at intersections

A tradition that started 60 years ago in downtown Denver and became commonplace in intersections around the world is about to end in its city of origin as city traffic engineers give last call to the ‘Barnes Dance.’

The maneuver that stops traffic in all directions and gives pedestrians unfettered access — allowing people to briefly dance in the streets as they meet in the middle and dodge and weave to get by — will end May 14 as the city reconfigures its traffic signals.

The move is necessary because of transportation changes that will affect downtown beginning next month, including longer Regional Transportation District light-rail trains and longer crosswalk intervals.

So in brief, Light Rail impedes pedestrian mobility. (Somehow I think there were other solutions).

For those not familiar, see the wikipedia article on Barnes Dance, and the famous traffic engineer Henry Barnes.