Ring Roads of the World

1_1poster2-thumb-400x581-74446Ring Roads of the World
A nice info-graphic comparing metropolitan beltways .

3 thoughts on “Ring Roads of the World

  1. The giant black thing in the background is supposed to be Houston? What the heck? Rice students should know by now that Highway 6 and FM 1960 don’t make a loop. On the other hand, when Grand Parkway is completely built-out around Houston, it will make a loop bigger than all the others on this (discounting that black thing that isn’t a loop).


  2. Beijing has five ring roads, helpfully numbered as Ring Roads 2-6. (There is no #1). I assume that the outermost beltway (Ring Road #6) is what is pictured?


  3. This graphic would be more useful if the cities were listed inner-to-outer, not alphabetically.


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